Rescue Me Spotlight

Tell our readers a bit about your book series. Where did the idea come from?  Rescue Me is my passion. I love animals and always have. Ever since I was a child I have wanted to adopt every pet I could, take care of animals and help out wherever and however I could. The problem that many face is one I share, how to I help financially support them if I myself do not have a lot of money? Well after getting to know Kate and her series RRSMS I found the solution and Rescue Me was born.
What charity do your books benefit? Rescue Me Volume 1 benefits an organization in Chicago called War Dogs Making It Home and they help train service dogs for veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD. As an animal lover and someone diagnosed with PTSD this was a perfect fit for me. Volumes 2-5 all have different themes and their own organizations. Canine Edition - Man’s Best Friend benefits National Mill Dog Rescue, Feline Edition - Purrfect Companions donates to The Cat Network, Senior and Disabled Edition - Against All Odds goes to Leave No Paws Behind and Volume 2 is for National Search Dog Foundation.
Was it hard collecting stories for your anthology/anthologies? What was your biggest setback? The biggest setback for me so far has been collecting the stories for the current four books. Once you get your friends and family to do the first book you have to reach out and meet new people so it has been very slow going to get enough stories for the remaining books.
What was it like putting the book(s) together? Was it harder than you thought it would be?  The actual layout and formatting is still not something I know how to do so I was beyond grateful that Kate was willing to do those things along with creating the beautiful cover for the book. For me it was just about collecting the stories and giving input on which order they should be put in.
How did it feel on release day? Release day was more nerve racking than I had expected simply because I had high hopes for the book’s reception and wanted to make my charity proud. It was important to me to make sure I was able to give them a donation worth their time and partnership.
What’s next for your series? Any new books coming out soon?   Originally the plan was to collect the twenty or so stories for all four of the current volumes and then publish them all at once but because I am having so much difficulty finding more people to participate I will be publishing them as I fill the number of stories needed in any order that happens to be.
What made you choose to work with Rock & Roll Saved My Soul for your books?  That part is simple, they were the inspiration so I couldn’t imagine working with anyone else.
What is it like working with Rock & Roll Saved My Soul? Would you recommend them to other authors who want to put together an anthology for charity?  Kate is incredible. She is understanding and a fantastic teacher. Because the series itself is dedicated to charity it has the perfect experience and credentials to help others along that path. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to create a charity book or series.
Where can we find out more info about your anthology series?  Rescue Me currently has its own page on Facebook and will have a dedicated link on my website once it is up and running. People can also contact me directly or through my author page Renee Jean for more information

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