The Sounds of Advice #20: Tips on Saving Money

Tips on saving money:

Aisling: 1. Start a change jar. Every time you end up with change in your pocket, wallet, purse, etc. put it in a jar. Once the jar is full roll it all & cash it in at the bank. 

2. Start a savings account at your local bank. 

3. If you have trouble keeping money in your savings account because you tend to spend money a lot try this instead. Put the money you want to save in an envelope & keep it in a safe at home. Only take the envelope out when you're adding money to your savings. The rest of the time it will be out of sight, out of mind. 

4. Set up a savings goal board. Get a corkboard to put up pictures of what you're saving up for to remind yourself how much you want to save your money. 

5. Recycle. Have some empty bottles or soda cans just sitting around your house? Recycle them & put that little bit of extra money in your savings.

Sandy: Saving money can be hard for anyone and everyone. We all have something we want to save for though. New clothes, new stuff for your place or maybe even something bigger like a new car or house. Set a goal for yourself. Even if you just do $5 from each pay check. You will save up money in no time. If you can do more than your goal one paycheck that is even better.  :)

Kate: I've always had trouble saving money. I like to spend, but recently I've had to start saving for a vacation that I want to go on. So these are a few of the things I've done to get enough money saved up. 

Budget your money. I've opted to as soon as I get my pay check, figure out what I need for bills and other necessities. Anything that is leftover goes straight into my savings account and I won't touch it unless there is an absolute emergency. 

Piggy bank, I have one that I put all of my loose change into. It may not amount to a lot, but every little bit helps. I have one of those giant crayon banks. I've been putting into it for a solid 4-5 months and it's almost full now. I'm excited to see just how much is actually in there once I take it to the bank.

Unnecessary spending, I've cut down on this a lot. If I don't absolutely need it, I won't buy it. Though every now and again I'll splurge and buy something for myself. But as a whole, if I don't need it, I won't buy it. This has probably been the hardest thing for me. Saying no. 

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