Question of the Day #29

Gina: I used to as a teenager

Kate: A little bit.

Sandy: I have heard a song or two.

Melissa: Yes. Some of my playlist is in French, Gaelic, Native American Indian, and Gregorian Chants.

Renee: Some yes, my dad got me into Enya (Celtic) and my mom likes Yanni's original music with lyrics in Italian

Aisling: No

Twinkle: Yup

Sid: Yes! I love it. one of my favourite is Bachimi by Palo Mandazi, or Rain by SID

Arminta: Pretty much just Rammstein

Heather: Never.

Lori: No I don't

Radeyah: I do! I listen to Indian music. It's so upbeat and lovely and a huge part of my culture. I also listen to some songs in Arabic as well.
Colleen: A little bit

Jen: Yes 

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