Question of the Day #31

Gina: I went to a concert with my sister and the singer decided to spend 30 minutes ranting to the crowd about someone who threw a bra on the stage and that he wanted to figure out whose it was and that he couldn't touch it because he has a wife. While the people in front of us were horribly drunk and seemed like they were going to fall down the bleachers at any moment.

Kate: I don't know if I would call it my worst concert moment, but I got kicked in the face in a mosh pit at Warped Tour one year. I believe Aiden was playing at the time.

Sandy: I went to a show to see a band and it was also sad but I was going just for this band (my darkest days) well their bus wrecked so they couldn't play. I was pretty upset about that. I lived and I did get to see them not once but twice in two weeks and met them both times the second time the drummer recognized me from two weeks before. That totally made up for it!

Melissa: I want to start by saying that my worst concert moment is more like an hours long night of embarrassment, a story straight out of a Seventeen magazine. It was the Korn concert in Hartford Connecticut, at the Hartford Civic Center, which PS, is a scary neighborhood. Worse than Harlem. I went with my husband Danny, my friend Gina, her friend and boyfriend in Danny's Altima. Me and Danny had only been dating for about 2 months, but we knew we really liked each other. Yeah. Through the entire concert, I wasn't feeling well. I wasn't exactly the brightest ray of sunshine, either. Seeing a man covered in his own blood and the blood of others probably didn't do much to help either. It wasn't until after the concert when Danny found a McDonald's for me to go to the bathroom that my night became a horrifying moment of embarrassment. Aunt Flow had apparently been visiting for quite a few hours and of course, I had to be wearing light gray jeans. To this day, more than 14 years later, Danny still uses it as a comparison to how bad things can get.

Renee: I have never really had a bad concerns moment but then again I don't go to very many. If anything I would say that seeing # Doors Down earlier this summer and dealing with the crowds on Fremont Street was the worst.

Aisling: Probably when I accidentally got kicked in the head by someone crowd surfing

Twinkle: None

Sid: I'm sorry to say that I haven't been to enough to have a worst moment.

Arminta: At Mushroomhead, when I fell down in the pit. My shoe flew off and I almost got trampled. That was my last time going in a pit, I'm too old now.

Heather: I don't have one

Lori: None

Radeyah: I feel like this happens at every single concert I've been to, but I really dislike when people in front of me effectively block my entire view of the stage.

Colleen: I went to a free outdoor show with my daughter to see Ed Sheeran. He was late to the venue and it poured while we were waiting for him to arrive. It was awful. I hate being in wet clothes!

Jen: A few years back I went to Warped Tour with my sister. It was really hot and I didn't feel well at all. Most of the day I just laid on the grass, trying not to die. A lot of people stopped to ask me if I was okay. It wasn't fun at all!

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