Concert Safety Tips

How to be safe at a concert:

1. Dress for the concert: Although this doesn't directly apply to safety, you don't want to overheat and pass out. Wear light clothes and avoid bogging yourself down with multiple layers of clothing.

2. Stay hydrated: Drink plenty of water prior to the concert to avoid getting dehydrated and passing out. You'll be sweating, so your body will need lots of water to replenish its lost fluids.

3. Conceal your money: You are at the risk of getting mugged on the way to/from the concert as well as when you're there, so be sure to hide your money. Consider putting it in your front pocket, your shoe, or another place that makes it harder to steal. Also, avoid flashing your money around. If people see you with large sums of money, you could become a target.

4. Go with friends: This is an important safety tip, since there's safety in numbers. Attend the concert with at least one friend. Carpool there or plan to meet at the venue.

5. Eat before you go: You should have a good meal at least an hour before the concert. This will give your stomach time to digest the food so that you don't get over-excited and throw up at the concert.

6. Look for security: Security guards will watch for you, but take a moment to scope out the area and find the nearest security guard, just in case.

7. Pay attention: If someone seems strange, keep an eye on them. Some people just give off weird vibes or make you feel uncomfortable. If this is the case, try to move away from them if possible. If they follow you, alert security.

8. Don't accept drugs or other potentially dangerous substances: Know that people might be smoking weed. If people are doing drugs, let a security guard know. If someone asks you if you want a hit, politely decline. If someone offers you any substances, just say no, and try not to make a big deal about it unless they do. If they persist, report them to security.

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