November Band of the Month: Farewell My Love

Laced up tight with a static passion, and bursting at the seams with eagerness and determination. Music is defined as the instrumental & vocal sounds combined in such a way that they produce the form, beauty, harmony, and expression of emotion.

Farewell, My Love is a group of four brothers with backgrounds that bend from all eras and areas of the music realm, whom have come together to redefine and re-ignite what the definition of this great wave is.

With roots connecting them from Arizona, California, and Virginia, each member has been able to bring a distinct influence and vision for how music has shaped them as individuals. For Chad Kowal, Röbby Creasey, Charlee Conley, & London Mckuffey, music has been their greatest escape and most monumental illumination.

With this motive in mind, they've all come together with the intention to create a sound that will affect others the way that their greatest inspirations & mentors have affected them throughout their lives. Nostalgic & timeless, like nothing else matters when you hear your favorite songs.

This band comes with the intentions of connecting to each & every spirit that strives to feel hope & happiness. Farewell, My Love is proud to finally unveil their best kept devotions, and overjoyed to feel the reception of all they have poured their passions into.

A Dance You Won't Forget (2011, Self-released)
Mirror, Mirror (2013, StandBy Records)
Wrapped Up In Pinstripes (2014, StandBy Records)
Gold Tattoos (2013, StandBy Records)
Above It All (2016, CRCL Records)

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