The Sounds of Advice #51: Self-defense tips

Self defense tips, staying safe in crowds, at events, in unknown places, etc.

Aisling: In this day & age it is important to know and practice ways of self defense. There are several ways to do this. 
1. Carry pepper spray with you. 
2. Carry a whistle with you. 
3. Practice a martial arts such as Taekwondo. This will not only teach you ways to defend yourself but also help keep you healthy & fit as well. 
4. Always go places with a friend or loved one. 
5. Keep your cell phone charged for emergencies 
6. Always be aware of your surroundings 
7. Never accept a drink or food from a stranger. 
8. Trust your gut. If the people or place around you doesn't feel right, get somewhere else asap. 
9. Always check the backseat of your car & underneath of your car, anywhere someone can hide. 
10. If you get separated from your friend or loved one in public, have a safe spot to meet up at planned ahead of time.

Michaelle: 1. Take a picture of yourself and those in your group. If parted from those you came with, staff can better assist in bringing you all back together.

2. If children are in your group, make sure they know to stay put if separated from the group. Have them look for staff or other adults with children for help in locating your group.

3. Another child friendly tip is to write your cell phone number on the child in Sharpie and/or put business cards from the hotel you are staying at, in their clothing (pockets).

4. Do not leave the event or place you are through exits. Stay put until you and your group are reunited.

5. Wearing similar colors will help locate other group members if separated. If night time, glow or blinking jewelry is a fun and inexpensive way to look you for one another.

6. A simple handmade ID bracelet with name and cell number is a great help to responders if ever you become unconscious and separated. Having your government issued ID easily accessible is helpful as well.

7. Another great tip for groups with children is to practice looking for staff and other parents with children that could help if separated from one another.

8. Have a quick meeting with group to locate landmarks and a set up a meeting place should anyone get separated. Make sure everyone is well aware of the meeting place.

9. Before the group activity, have children and young adults say what the adults are wearing, so if separated, they can recall it to assist in a reunion.

10. On the way to the event or crowded venue, practice "what if" scenarios to know what to do should you or another group member become separated.

Kate: Make sure you know where the exits are.
Consider leaving if the crowd seems to be getting out of control.
Don't wear loose clothing or accessories that could become tangled or pulled.
If you're caught in a moving crowd, walk sideways or diagonally across it to work your way out.
Try to carry only your identification, cash, and one credit card.
Choose a purse with zipper, button, or clasp closures, and a strap that hangs across your body.
Before leaving the house, take a photo of your child with a camera or phone. If you become separated, you will have an up-to-date photo of your child and what he or she is wearing to give to officials.
Place your phone number in your child's pocket in case you're separated

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