T-Bird, an Excerpt from Second Chance

There once was a Chihuahua named Tia
And she had a sister named Mia
She went by many names 
And she loved to play games 
My little dog, Tia

Now Tia was afraid of thunder
And she’d find something to hide under
She loved her treats and she loved to eat
And she loved everyone she did meet
My little dog named Tia

Water was her enemy
And bath time was always a tragedy
She would always sleep on the bed
And she wanted to be a human instead
Our little dog, Tia 

Second Chance, formerly known as Rescue Me is gathering stories and poems to relaunch the series. If you submitted before to one either of the published anthologies or one of the few that never made it to print, you will need to resubmit your pieces if you'd like them to be included. We are also accepting new submissions as well. Details below.

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