Meet Renee Jean

I am a travel addicted, creative obsessed table games dealer and author in Las Vegas. I have been writing most of my life and can honestly say having met so many other incredible authors I do not fit the general stereotype. I am an extreme extrovert. I am active as often as possible riding my bicycle and training for obstacle courses. I have a performance job that puts me front and center for thousands of people each year. I am a former model and do my best to maintain my physical appearance and health although being a tomboy I can say looks are quite far down on the priority list. I love sports. I live to travel and as far as I am concerned there is a way to put a piece of myself in everything I write. People hear about my life and always say "You should write a book!" well I have, in fact I am working a several. But I am only a tiny part. I take inspiration from everyone and everywhere that touches my life. I only hope that my charity books for animals and my novels have the ability to inspire others the way that they have inspired me!

What is your name and/or pen name?
My full name is Renee Jean Mitchell but I write as Renee Jean

How long have you been writing? 
I wrote my first poem when I was in second grade at the age of seven. Throughout elementary school and junior high I began writing poems and short stories eventually expanding further and further to the novels I write today.

What is your favorite book/piece you have written? 
Even though it is still being written I have to say I think Sharing Strength is going to be my favorite. It is extremely personal and while Never Give Up, my debut novel, marked a huge moment for me. I will always be proud of it but Sharing Strength is my current pride and joy.

What are you working on currently? 
I have a number of projects going right now. I am revising Breathe and Survivor. I am rereading Welcome to Syn and drafting Sharing Strength. But the most heartwarming one right now is my charity series Rescue Me dedicated to animal rescue.

Who is your favorite writer/author?
My favorite authors as long as I can remember have been Terry Pratchett and Stephen King.

What is your favorite book/book series?
I love to read but I do not actually have a favorite book or series. I read so many genres that pinpointing one favorite would be impossible.

What made you decide to be a writer?  And who or what inspires you the most to be a writer?
Being a writer wasn’t a choice. For me it is like a living breathing thing inside me that takes control of me. The stories are real. I don’t choose to tell them, I don’t create them. For me the characters tell me their stories and I am just the medium through which they are shared.

What kind of music do you listen to when you write, if any? Favorite singer/band?
Every book has its own playlist. I try to find music that I think the characters would listen too as well as ones that inspire thoughts of the times. A good example of that is Welcome to Syn where the first dozen songs are classical pieces that take me back to the time of the Salem Witch Trials. Even though the books are not about the trials they are set during the same time period.

What is your favorite genre to write and read?
I love to read horror the most but I enjoy reading a number of genres. Fantasy is one I am not big on but the satirical comedy fantasy combination written by Terry Pratchett. I am currently involved in a year long reading challenge that covers fifty books across the spectrum of genres and enjoying getting lost in every one of them.

If you could meet any writer, living or dead, who would it be?
I used to think it was Terry Pratchett or Stephen King because they are my favorites but I think looking back I would have love the opportunity to meet the poet David McCord. He wrote the simple poem This Is My Rock. I read that for the first time in second grade and within a week I was trying to write my own. The imagery it put in my mind even at such a young age was powerful. I wanted to be able to reach people with words in the same way.

What do you most want to accomplish as a writer?
I want to learn from fellow authors and grow as an artist. Of course it is easy to say I want to write best sellers and have a fan base that would support a full time career as a writer; which of course would be amazing. Ultimately though I just want to create and share my visions with the world and if I reach enough people with my stories to achieve any of those other things wonderful but if not I will be happy knowing there are those out there that enjoy my work.

What was it like working with Rock & Roll Saved My Soul?  Would you recommend them to someone else?
Rock & Roll Saved My Soul was a tremendous inspiration for me. It gave me the idea and the publishing platform for my charity series Rescue Me. Kate is invaluable as a mentor, publisher and even more importantly as a friend. She is always there to answer questions and is the best cheerleader anyone could ask for. 

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