The Sounds of Advice #10

How to deal when your parents divorce:

Aisling: Always remember one thing. Your parents divorce is not your fault. Sometimes people grow apart and find that they get along better when they aren't a couple anymore. Each parent will always love you, that will never change. The differences that have developed are between them & not because of you. 
If your parents are constantly fighting even after their divorce, make your voice heard. Tell them how you feel.

Sandy: Even though your parents may be splitting up, just keep this in mind: It is not your fault! Some people just don't work well together. When I got divorced we got along so much better that way then being married. We raise our son well though. He is almost 12 now and he is a pretty good kid most of the time. Now my daughters dad and I don't get a long really at all. We get along well enough for our daughter. In the end its all about the kid. If you are the kid just remember you did nothing wrong. You aren't the reason for your parents splitting no matter how old you are. If you are getting divorced make sure you spend the time with your kid(s) whenever you get the chance! Your kids wouldn't be here without you and they deserve you no matter what!

Kate: This isn't something that I have any experience in, because my parents are still together, but I know a lot of people that have. I know it's not an easy thing to deal with, but you have to remember that it isn't your fault and your parents both love you and still will, no matter if they're together or not. Sometimes it's better if two people aren't together, especially if they're unhappy. Talk to your parents about it, if it's bothering you or you don't understand. It will help make things clearer and help you to feel better about the situation. Never be afraid to talk about your feelings, especially with your parents. 

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