Sounds of Advice #12

How to deal with grief: 

Aisling: People deal with grief in their own ways. Some people don't know how to deal with it at all. Death can come when we least expect it, other times we know it will happen depending on the situation. Either way it can be difficult to deal with. 

Some people cry, others don't. Some become angry, others quiet. At first you may have no reaction as your mind deals with the shock of the news. The main thing you have to do is take it one day at a time. Grieve in whatever way helps you, then just take it one day at a time. 

Remember your loved one. Talk about them, look at pictures of them. Celebrate the life they had with you and other loved ones.

Sandy: I have found the best is to cry about it. However, some also find listening to music to help. It's helpful too to talk with people who also knew the person and share memories or the person or animal.

Kate: I think my fellow advice columnists said it best. Everyone deals with grief in their own way. There is no right or wrong way to grieve. Whatever it is that helps you to cope with the loss is okay. Just remember that there are people that love you that are there for you to help you if you need it. Don't be afraid to reach out and ask for help. 

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