Question of the Day #39: Meeting Musicians

Gina: Many, Chiodos, Megosh, Marianas Trench, We as Human, A Change of Pace, Upon This Dawning, Dorothy and the Wicked Ones, The Classic Crime, So They Say, Sworn In, Fred from The Color Fred, The Silent Years

Kate: Yes, several. The most famous probably being Avenged Sevenfold and Hoobastank

Sandy: Yes, I have met My Darkest Days and Three Days Grace

Melissa: No. Maybe one day.

Renee: Phil Collin, Lit, Everclear, Snoop

Aisling: No

Twinkle: Yes

Sid: I once met Scottie Long in a coffee shop when I was a child.

Arminta: Yes, quite a few at Vans Warped Tour the 2 years I had went

Heather: I wish.

Lori: Nope I haven't

Radeyah: Yes I have.

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