Question of the Day #38: Music Charts

Gina: No

Kate: I do not

Sandy: Not really, I just listen to what I like.

Melissa: I look at the Billboard Hot 100 chart regularly for new music to download. I love Kiss FM, too. But I still love the oldies and classic rock.

Renee: No

Aisling: Sometimes

Twinkle: Every week. Mostly Billboard

Sid: Not actively, but I do enjoy looking back on one's from previous years.

Arminta: I don't follow it so I don't know exactly what's popular but I'm sure I listen to a bit of it

Heather: I used to.

Lori: Nope I don't

Radeyah: I don't. I usually measure songs based on what I personally think about them rather than what the charts say.

Jen: No

Colleen: No

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