Help A Man Achieve His Dream--Astronaut Training

As you know, Rock & Roll Saved My Soul is all about charity. Sometimes that's a cause and sometimes that's a person. Today I would like to talk about a dear friend of mine, Eric. I have gotten to know him over the few years since we met because we were both writers. 

But Eric has other dreams. He wants to go to Astronaut Training. I'll share what he wrote on his GoFundMe Page:


Thank you for taking the time to read my modest story. My name is Eric DeBlackmere. I am a single father of two boys, ages 14 and 12.  I have been granted a phenomenal opportunity to fulfill a life-long dream by being selected for training as a Citizen Scientist/Astronaut for the SeaSpace Research Foundation's PHEnOM Project. It's an incredible chance to participate in real, meaningful research under micro-gravity conditions, all to further the continuing commercialization of space and space travel for all.

With this opportunity, though, comes a high cost for the training itself. Since I started this campaign, I have managed to raise $3125 towards the total cost of $12500. This initial amount includes $1200 donated here by people like you, who want to help me achieve this dream. The rest is every single penny I have at my personal disposal, including my meagre tax refund. I'm all in. (If they'd take pocket lint for payment, I'd put that in, too.) This is why I'm here, once more, doing something I find very hard to do: asking friends, family, and complete strangers to please believe enough in me and my dream to help me, however small, however generously. $9375 remains to be raised in this campaign. Whatever help you can provide, even if it is only a single dollar, is of great help. If, like me, you are already "all in" with your own financial issues, I can understand that. Then, I ask you, please at least share my story with everyone you can think of. The more people who hear my story, the greater the chance we will find the people who can donate.

I thank each and everyone of you who has read this introduction. I would also like to thank you in advance for any help you provide. Mere words seem so inadequate but please know that my gratitude would be boundless.

If you can at all help him out, both he and I would greatly appreciate it. Don't have any money to spare? Please just share this, in hopes that someone else out there might be able to help. 

Visit his GoFundMe Page Here!

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